the edgeband from a new perspective


From the research comes UNIVERSA, an extreme synthesis of design. The collection goes beyond the conventional edgeband concept and allows for versatile work by applying it to the panel regardless of its finish. 12 colors and 5 different textures for unlimited combinations.

Not all edgebands are meant to be undetectable. Some want to stand out with their color, others are special, different, audacious.

The UNIVERSA edgeband gives the furniture an ADDED VALUE because of its inherent characteristic of standing out from the panel to which it is applied.

This is how the edgeband becomes a design element on the piece of furniture it complements, not just finishing it off but defining its own character.

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You are different if you have the courage to leave the old for the new, when the new is worth the effort of proving that, by taking a different direction, you will have to be more careful but you will arrive sooner.

Excellence is the highest point, when you are at the top of the mountain, you look down and realise how far you have come.

We are different because of excellence and because we have been able to calculate the risk of change. It took courage to say NO to the past and YES to the future, NO to PVC and YES to ABS. It seems easy, it seems nothing, but it means looking ahead to do better. Better quality, better protection of the environment.



Innovare non significa necessariamente creare da zero. Per creare, a volte, basta imitare ciò che è già perfetto. La natura ha consegnato all’essere umano la capacità di utilizzare al meglio gli strumenti che ha o che si è costruito.

A large part of our work involves imitating – by means of colour, printing and varnishing – the characteristics of the panel on which the edge we produce will be applied. This is where the game is played: to create anew what is already there, what has been conceived in that way, by that designer, and for that piece of furniture. It takes all the ingenuity we are capable of, it takes hands and brains, mechanics and software, experience and experimentation, the reliability of technology and the skill of the operator. Today we can reach the threshold of 95 gloss in the extra-gloss effect and reach the lower limit of 3/4 gloss in an extra-matt edge. We are close to the highest level technically achievable. We can be satisfied and say that, yes, we are innovative by nature.



made in italy

From the raw materials to the finished product: everything is absolutely guaranteed thanks to a complete and meticulous control of each production phase. 100% made in Italy, 100% made in Plastivar.



Better performance and better for nature: thanks to ABS, we only use recyclable materials with a low heavy metal content. One more step towards quality, one more step towards protecting the environment.



– Thickness from 0.35 to 3mm
– Recyclable and eco-friendly
– Riciclabile ed ecologico
– Minimum tolerance on colour
– Rapid imitation of colour, pattern and finish
– High durability
– Rapid protection
– Fully customisable
– 100% made in Italy
– Over 1000 versions